Agnieszka Grodzińska, born in 1984, lives and works in Poznań / PL.

Author of installations, spatial pieces, painting and drawing works as well as videos. The artist takes advantage of found footageand explores multiplication, reproduction and the mechanisms of social and individual disciplining. Grodzińska creates art books, conducts research and writes about art. Her works blur the boundary between the images which surround us and art, and fill the gaps between theory and practice.

The artist has participated in numerous solo and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad, including Soon This Body Will Be Still, Matca Art Space, Cluj-Napoka, Romania (2019), Second Shower, Rodriguez Gallery, Poznań, Poland (2018), Manipure,Municipal Art Centre, Gorzów, Poland (2018), Stettin Vanguards, The National Museum, Szczecin, Poland (2017), Roy da Prince, Futura Gallery, Prague (2016), Streaching Space, Inda Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (2016), Open Studio. Artist in Residence,Futura Karlin Studio, Prague (2016), Saturation Rhythm, Laboratorio Gallery, Prague (2013), Impossibility vs. Self-censorship, El Matadero, Madrit (2013), Echo Park, Starter Gallery, Warsaw (2012).

Two-time recipient of the Visegrad Fund grant (2016, 2018); artist-in-residence at the Gyeongju Art Centre during the International Residency Art Festival, Gyeongju (South Korea 2019), Bartok-negyed/Eleven Blokk Art Foundation (Budapest 2018), Futura Karlin Studio (Prague 2016), betOnest/The Emergence of a New Art Space, Stolpe/Oder, Brandenburg (2017), Institut für Alles Mögliche (Berlin 2015), and BANSKÁ ST A NICA Contemporary (Slovakia 2014); this year saw her win a grant from the New York-based Art in General. Grodzińska holds a doctorate from the University of Arts and has written or contributed as co-author to a number of art-related and scholarly publications. Furthermore, she is an active academic teacher, and sometimes curator, and co-running one of the studios at the Academy of Arts in Szczecin.