One Woman Factor(y), 2023

One Woman Factor(Y), 2023

Something grey, something cold, some of sorrow, some of bold (Wiązki), two metal objects, 2022

Headquarters. The Act of Factocracy and Co-Desire. 2022

Primal Urge

Primal urge, Łęctwo Gallery, 2021

Window figure

Nawigacje/Ćwiczenia (Navigations/Exercises)

Are You Choking?

Tooth Hole/ Trump Castle

Traffic of Favours/ Venice

Gyeongju Art Centre/ International Residency Art Festival, Gyeongju (South Korea 2019)

Untitled, 2019

Trap is Ready, Head is Done


Second Shower

Second Shower


Manimal Watchers

Glass Holder

Berlin Institute