Blue for Distinction, Red for Correction

Family Oven, 2023

Whatever happen never drop a baby, 2023

Little hammer in the head



Primal urge, Łęctwo Gallery, 2021

Double Vision/ 2008

Nawigacje/Ćwiczenia (Navigations/Exercises)

Identical Identity

Traffic of Favours/ Venice

Gyeongju Art Centre/ International Residency Art Festival, Gyeongju (South Korea 2019)

Are you choking?


Untitled #HunBau 3

Untitled #HSCH

References 2

No More No Less


No one loves the cowgirl

Untitled (Table)


Untitled (Grobex)

No Cash Value

|At Third: Object of fotography, PF Gallery, Castle Art Centre,

No Futur A/ The Witch Box

Skola Zaklad Zivota

Untitled/ 2016

Tourist’s signs

Grid Contact

Imperf Flag

Eyes of Contact

Reprograf Guestroom

Cry me a Milkway

It can be

Hard Light in the light Heat


Red Academic Cahier

PF Gallery