Blue for Distinction, Red for Correction

Blue for Distinction, Red for Correction

Family Oven, 2023

Whatever happen never drop a baby, 2023

One Woman Factor(y), 2023

One Woman Factor(Y), 2023


Manimal Watcher, 2017

Something grey, something cold, some of sorrow, some of bold (Wiązki), two metal objects, 2022

Headquarters. The Act of Factocracy and Co-Desire. 2022

Primal Urge, 2021

Primal urge, Łęctwo Gallery, 2021

Headquaters, Skala Gallery, 2021

Transnatalism/ Service Set

Summer Bankrupt


Echo Park

Nawigacje/Ćwiczenia (Navigations/Exercises)

Identical Identity

Are You Choking?

Open Studio/Dumbo/New York

Playground Project (After Noguchi)

Untitled (Black Breast White Nipple)

Traffic of Favours/ Venice

Borderline/MWW Wrocław

Survival 2009

You think I am torturing you, I am giving you flavour

Gyeongju Art Centre/ International Residency Art Festival, Gyeongju (South Korea 2019)

Untitled #HunBau 3

Urgent Help

Dusty Star

References 2

Triple Bed Double Scotch One Pair of Shoes

No More No Less


Second Shower

Second Shower

No one loves the cowgirl

Deflated Mobilization

Squeeze My Balls/Hole for Two Done Twice

Playground for Sheeps

Untitled (Class)


Manimal Watchers

Hands on the table

Untitled (Face for Force)

Petrol’s drops flag

|At Third: Object of fotography, PF Gallery, Castle Art Centre,

No Futur A/ The Witch Box

My here

Grid Contact

Imperf Flag

Apple View

Untitled (Mirrors)

Eyes of Contact

Reprograf Guestroom

Glass Holder

If in the grave you want peace of mind, try to leave nothing behind

Cutting Finger Lesson

Nic nigdy z tego nie będzie

Eat and Rest

Cross Chair

Cutting the Air/ Eye-edge Slit

Roy da Prince

Hard Light in the Light Heat

Pinokio Girl Flag

Morque Gimnastic

PF Gallery

Berlin Institute