Identical Identity


Identical Identity,

Agnieszka Grodzińska/ Vitalii Shupliak

exhibition curated by Jagna Domżalska

Galerie města Třince, 2020



Identical Identity

We tend to overlook the inaccuracy of the word identity.

It is supposed to specify one’s individuality, while literally it means the lack of differences (identical = the same).

The extremes are balanced in a single term. Perhaps looking for conscious distinctiveness, we pass the phase of looking for affiliation. Through comparison we overthrow the possibility of sameness. Through looking for similarities we find discrepancies.

Copying and grouping is one of the work methods of Agnieszka Grodzińska. By setting together and multiplication of images, she creates new codes in order to work out social and political contexts, as well as intimate relationships with oneself and surroundings.

Vitalii Shupliak analyzes modern society and the individual in the community, also studies the sense of affiliation by looking at documents used for identification. The free statements of both artists work as a kind of code; laconic in its form, at the same time strong in the message. They function in various configurations and gain new meanings; in ‘Identical Identity’ exhibition they gain the contexts of dialogue and/or confrontation.