PF Gallery

|At Third: Object of fotography, PF Gallery, Castle Art Centre,

Disaster of Courtesy / Having a Lie with You

Red Academic Cahier

Hard Light in the Light Heat

Hard Light in the light Heat

Untitled/ 2016

Hard Light in the Light Heat

Wheels Job

Untitled (Grobex)

Still Life/ Still Dead

If in the grave you want peace of mind, try to leave nothing behind

Cry me a Milkway


Flex-O-View book

Untitled (Flex-o-View)


My here

Berlin Institute

Survival 2009

Temporary takes pains (Bio)

Double Vision/ 2008

Petrol’s drops flag

Tourist’s signs

Heat Hole

Genealogy of works

Reprograf Guestroom

Echo Park movie

Echo Park

Echo Park Book