Family Oven, 2023

Whatever happen never drop a baby, 2023

Double Vision/ 2008

Nawigacje/Ćwiczenia (Navigations/Exercises)

Identical Identity

Traffic of Favours/ Venice

Untitled, 2019


Untitled #HunBau 3

Untitled #HSCH

Urgent Help

Trap is Ready, Head is Done


Hole for Two, Done Twice

Untitled (Table)


Untitled (Grobex)

Petrol’s drops flag

Pionier Girl

Help Care Scarf


No Cash Value

Chewing Church Boy

|At Third: Object of fotography, PF Gallery, Castle Art Centre,

Skola Zaklad Zivota

Untitled/ 2016

Heat Hole

Reprograf Guestroom

Hard Light in the light Heat