HunBau #1

References 2

References/Open Studio

Triple Bed Double Scotch One Pair of Shoes

No More No Less

Trap is Ready, Head is Done


Eyes on the top (Hanna)

Second Shower

Second Shower

No one loves the cowgirl

Deflated Mobilization

Squeeze My Balls/Hole for Two Done Twice

Between Three Ferns

Hole for Two Done Twice


Playground for Sheeps

Untitled (Class)




Me is Exclusive

Untitled (Flex-o-View)

Pionier Girl

My here

Pushing the Light Outside the Box

Grid Contact

Imperf Flag

Apple View

Eyes of Contact

Reprograf Guestroom

Glass Holder

If in the grave you want peace of mind, try to leave nothing behind

Cutting Finger Lesson

Cutting the Air/ Eye-edge Slit

Morque Gimnastic

Berlin Institute